My Cup Overflows Mug

My Cup Overflows Mug


The Father speaks in the quiet. His whispers are like balm:

“Come, my daughter. Rest your weary soul; lean into me. Into my grace. Into my peace. Into my presence. For I am with you always,” He says. “I am there to carry your cross. To pour into the cracks and crevices of your heart. To fill you to the brim.

You are altogether beautiful, my love. You are beloved to me.”

As you begin each day anew, lean into the Father’s love and allow him to anoint your head with oil, to fill your cup until it overflows. 

This gorgeous mug, based on the famous line from Psalm 23, serves a simple reminder that His grace is enough. You, His beloved daughter, are enough. 

Frosted glass mug, 11 fluid oz. 

Recommended hand wash only to extend the life of the mug.

10% of the profits from your purchase go directly to Catholic Charities, USA.

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