Psalm 23 Print

Psalm 23 Print


He meets our surrender with love. 

As we lean into His Sacred Heart with open hands, palms turned to heaven, He receives all of us - our worries, our struggles, our joys -  with love. His wild, passionate, all consuming love pours forth with reckless abandon, setting a fire within our souls. It begins small, like a flame. Then His Holy Spirit blows upon it, causing the flame to burst into a vibrant, radiant brilliance. 

As His love fills us, He gently guides us, step by step, day in and day out. Through His love, He shapes us...sustains us...transforms us…restores us.

It is our prayer that whenever you gaze upon the text of Psalm 23, you may rest in the knowledge that God will always provide exactly what you need. Today, dear friend, trust wholeheartedly that God will never abandon you and strive to meet His love with surrender… a surrender of one lover to another, as you offer each aspect of your life with confidence to Him.

Black and White

8x10 physical print printed on 100lb white matte smooth finish paper, frame not included

10% of the profits from your purchase go directly to Catholic Charities, USA. 


This design is also available as a downloadable 8x10 art print and as a 24x36 poster. 

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