Savor The Small Moments Mug

Savor The Small Moments Mug


Every second of every day breathes the extraordinary into our lives. When we offer our daily tasks up for God’s glory alone, those small moments have the power to infuse our hearts and lives with abundant joy.

Our souls are revived when we revel in the presence of God in our everyday moments. Take note of the simple reminders of the extraordinary in your routine - your boots splashing in muddy puddles as you dash into church on a rainy day...the oven mitt pulling out tonight’s dinner casserole...a rosary sitting on your nightstand waiting for you to clasp it with hands of hope. Tiny and seemingly mundane experiences of the divine, given as gift from Him to you.

Take a deep breath. Take a sip. Your cup already runneth over. Savor the small moments.

Whether you fill it with coffee or tea or hand it to a friend, we hope that this coffee mug serves as a gentle reminder to your heart to lovingly savor the small moments of your day.

100% White Ceramic
15 Fluid oz.
Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

10% of the profits from your purchase go directly to Catholic Charities, USA.

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