Instagram Story Instructions

Advent is such a beautiful liturgical season, and we can’t wait to hear your wisdom and see how you celebrate Advent! Mary and I are SO grateful for you and your willingness to share your voice with us <3.

What We’ll Need:

-1 Introduction Video of You (Introducing yourself, telling us a little about what season of life you are in, sharing where people can find you.) Should be 15 seconds or less.

-2 Short Videos. In these videos, we’d love it if you could highlight 2-3 ways you are celebrating and resting in the peace of Advent. It would be great if you could actually show us what you are using (if it is a specific devotional, advent calendar, advent wreath, etc.) or maybe where you pray (a cozy corner where you sit in silence, etc.). Basically, we just want to see wherever and however you celebrate Advent! Each of these videos should be no more than 1 minute in length.

-A short video or boomerang of you waving or saying goodbye. Should be 15 seconds or less

-If you could also let me know where you’d like us to direct people if they want to follow along with you (an IG account, a hashtag, a website, etc.) that would be great!


  • Please film each video so that they:

    • Are each no more than 1 minute in length (This will allow me to splice each video into 15 second increments for Instagram stories).

    • Have vertical orientation

    • Have good lighting/easy to hear you or see what you’re showing us

  • Please send all the videos & information to:


    • If for some reason the videos will not send via e-mail, feel free to text them to 704-497-1661.

  • We will share the videos in our stories and tag you <3.

Example Videos:

Below are several example videos! Let us know if you have any questions!

Example of Introduction

Example of 2nd Video about Advent Traditions

Example of 1st Video about Advent Traditions

Example of Closing Video (I’ll insert some sort of GIF or goodbye text and tag you in this)