Our Mission

Our mission here at the Live Today Well Collective is to encourage women to fully and purposefully reorient their hearts daily towards the Lord. As the seasons of our lives change and evolve, so do our prayer lives. Through our beautiful, simple, and accessible resources and products, we hope to foster and celebrate the art of living well in every season of life.


Give Today Well

The ripples of a life well lived extend and effect real transformation.

We believe that living well means embracing the call to build up the Kingdom of God, not just in our own lives, but in our wider communities and the world as well. We are one people, one body in Christ, and so, we are called to give today well.

10% of the profit from your purchase goes directly to Catholic Charities, USA.

Know that your dollars are so much more than a donation. By purchasing our encouraging and prayerful goods, you are effecting real change both in your own home and in the impactful work that Catholic Charities USA achieves every day in our nation. You, too, are giving well.

We invite you to learn more about our mission partner, Catholic Charities USA, HERE.


Who We’re Creating For

For the woman who worries about what tomorrow will bring, who doubts that she is enough.

For the woman who loves deeply, who strives to truly connect.

For the woman who rejoices in the small moments, in both her messy living room and her full heart.

For the woman who feels stuck in the in-between time, who is overwhelmed by her current season.

For the woman who longs to make space for God, to reorient her heart towards what matters most.

We’re making a home. We’re creating space. We’re here with you on this journey.

Live Today Well.