Introducing the Abundance Collection


We batted words back and forth over text. It was the middle of July. The humidity and hundred degree weather were not on our side.

Growth? Gratitude? Harvest? None of them were quite right. What one word could possibly convey the depths of God's deep and abiding love for each of us? 

I sat on the floor outside my children's room while they fell asleep. The setting sun was casting long shadows across the hallway floor. I thumbed through my Bible looking for inspiration, seeking an answer, asking Him to name our first collection for us.

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)

This was it.


God gave us His son, Jesus, that we may have life filled with abundant grace, abundant hope, and abundant love. His mercies are new every morning because He never stops loving us.

Can we ponder this thought in our hearts together? 

He never stops loving us.

Maybe you are wading through the dark waters of grief of a loved one's passing; maybe you are rejoicing in the beauty of a new relationship; maybe you are questioning your career and quietly seeking a new way to share your gifts. Our seasons change frequently. They overlap. They come at the seemingly wrong times. Our smile lines catch our tears. Our emotions tangle together. Our prayers pour out in heaps of jumbled pleases and thank-yous and whys. 

No matter the season you're in right now, God remains close. He continually offers life in abundance to you. He loves you just as you are today. You are, everyday. We pray that our Abundance Collection reminds you that you are loved fully by our God.


Kara and I prayed over each product throughout the design process. We so deeply hope that you will be reminded of our Lord's incredible love for you when you gaze upon art print or hold a mug in your hands. As we launch our new collection today, we invite you to take a look through our various offerings. Each product description offers a meaningful reflection on how we pray that singular item will transform your heart and help you rest in His abundant love. You can see all of our products HERE

Friends, it is a joy to journey through life with you.

Let's embrace our seasons together.

Let's open our hearts to enjoying life abundantly.

Let's live today well.


Kara Becker