Born in the Incarnation

Each Christmas, we gather together with family, feast on delicious meals, and celebrate the birth of Christ and the new life we have in Him. But what do our lives look like in the days following Christmas? How are WE being made new year-round in light of the truth and joy of the Incarnation?   

MADE, a beautiful 8x8 reflection book, introduces us to 20 men and women from the Bible who experienced radical transformation at the hands of God, men and women like Saul, Naomi, the Israelites, and the Wise Men.

Drawn from the NRSV edition of the Bible, each scripture passage has been rewritten using the Ignatian spiritual practice of imaginative prayer. Vivid sensory details have been added to the readings to help bring these stories to life and allow you to experience them in a new light.

The undated, 136 page book includes 20 days of detailed imaginative scripture passages, accompanying questions to apply the readings to your own life, and stunning quote pages.

MADE challenges you enter more fully into these stories to see how God is inviting you more deeply into the joy of the Incarnation all year round and to explore how God is making you new, right here, right now.


Digital Download of MADE

If you would prefer to access MADE electronically, MADE is also available for purchase as a digital download PDF.