Check your PULSE!
Actively reflect on your relationship with God!


God is our eternal pulse.

Have you checked that pulse lately?
For whom is your heart beating?
When was the last time you really pondered how you connect with Him?

Friend, we are so excited to share this free download with you today!

Through PULSE, we hope to provide you with the tools necessary to prayerfully reflect on your own relationship with God.
This simple packet is divided into two sections - “Who is God to Me?” and “My Walk with God.”
In each section, you’ll find a variety of questions to help you hone in your current relationship with Him
and identify ways He might be inviting to you draw near.

PULSE is our gift to you as we begin this Lent.

Take these 40 days and listen to your heartbeat.
Let yourself fall more deeply in love with your Maker.
Let your pulse beat passionately for God alone.

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