A Journal to Explore God’s extraordinary love.

God extends his abundant love to us in the seemingly mundane experiences of daily life. In our conversations at the grocery store, in the leaves dancing in the wind, in the laughter of a child, God is there.

Being in tune with and contemplating on God’s presence in these moments requires practice. Overtime, the process becomes more natural, instinctive, and personal.

SEEK guides you through a prayerful reflection process that empowers you to recognize the meaning of these ordinary, but beautiful, moments of your day to day life.

Within the pages of this journal, the extraordinary truths of His love for you will be revealed more fully. When you finish, you’ll find a living history of how you have grown in your walk with God, how He has healed your heart and molded your life.

The Seek Journal is 6”x9” with space for 100 entries. To see the interior of the book, visit the Amazon page below and use Amazon’s look inside feature.