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The Examen Journal


So many obstacles hold us back from the fullness of life that we want and were created to enjoy. We’re busy, distracted, anxious, disheartened, exhausted.

 If only we could somehow slow down the hustle, stop the comparisons, and see the hope and joy in our day to day living. If only we could start to notice the patterns in our lives of where we feel most fully alive and use those patterns to make important decisions about how to live Christ-centered lives. If only we could find God in all things.

Approachable, informal, and rich in beauty, The Examen Journal will empower you to create the spiritual, emotional, and mental space and time needed to take inventory of where and how God is working in you, through you, and around you.



Original Edition

Following the format of the Examen prayer developed by St. Ignatius of Loyola, The Examen Journal provides you the space for a daily written reflection of how you come to know God and see His presence in your life each day. Your conversations with God are collected in one place for you keep and pray over.

The Examen Journal doesn't require a background in theology, a knowledge of scripture, or even a structured study plan. All you need is an honest heart, the desire to be with God, and a few minutes each day.

Inside The Examen Journal, you'll find a brief overview of St. Ignatius, the Examen prayer, and how to use the journal. 366 journal pages will help guide your daily reflections. Throughout the journal, you'll find quotes from St. Ignatius to inspire you on the journey. The Examen Journal can begin at any time as the white, 60lb pages are dated by you and not the calendar year.  

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One Month Edition

The Examen Journal: One Month Edition is designed to be used with larger group offerings through parishes, retreat centers, colleges and high schools.

Use the One Month Edition to share and encourage the experience of daily prayer as well as learn about St. Ignatius and the Examen with your students, staff, faculty, colleagues, prayer group, theology class, RCIA team, or catechists and catechumens.

The content of the One Month Edition is the same as the full year Examen Journal, but instead can be purchased at a much lower price, as it only offers 30 pages for journaling and fewer quote art prints.
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Men’s Edition

The Examen Journal: Men’s Edition includes the same rich content as the original version of The Examen Journal but features a different, more masculine cover and quote art prints.

Saint Ignatius’ Examen is meant for everyone! Encourage and build up your brothers in Christ by gifting them this Men’s Edition Examen journal. Whether the book is meant for your brother, husband, boyfriend, father, or friend, it is sure to be a hit.

To see the interior of this book, visit the Amazon page and use Amazon’s look inside feature.