We need your unique voice & perspective! We’re looking for a team of women to share how God is moving in each unique season of their lives with us.

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VOICES is our new Instagram writing team! Comprised of women in all different seasons of life, our VOICES team shares from the heart their personal stories and experiences as they walk with the Lord. Our hope is that these posts will reflect the wide array of voices and experiences that we all have, while also speaking to the universal call to holiness that we are invited to live out each day. 


Each month, we’ll ask you to write one short “from the heart” IG caption about how the Lord is moving in your life right now or what you’ve learned in the past from Him. Then you’ll write that caption and send it off to us via a shared Google Document, so that we can share it in our feed. When we share your post, you’ll be tagged with your IG handle at the bottom of the caption.




The posts can be on a number of different topics, but essentially anything that would fall under "living today well." Example topics include (but are most definitely not limited to) faith, femininity, motherhood, identity, virtues, surrender, taking care of or growing in mind/body/spirit. You can see example posts by clicking HERE or HEREThe caption should be no more than 300 words in length.

Can you tell me about the time commitment involved?

Right now, we’re only asking each member of our VOICES team to commit to writing 1 Instagram post per month. We will offer you opportunities to be involved in other aspects of Live Today Well (like writing a blog post, testing a new journal, or launching new resources), but these opportunities will always be optional and not a mandatory commitment. 

Are the Voices Writers Paid?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to offer monetary compensation at this time. We’re just too small of a ministry right now! However, we’ll provide some special perks for our VOICES team like discount codes and early access to unique products. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet more people by virtue of being featured on our Instagram each month and being a valued member of our community.

One other benefit to mention - most importantly, know that by joining our Voices Team, you will be growing in your faith in a unique way! We believe that whenever you share publicly about your belief in God, your trust in Him will deepen. The more often you reflect on how He has moved in your life in both the past and the present, the easier you will likely find it to recommit your heart and mind to knowing His faithfulness in every season!

What is the application timeline like for the Voices Team?

Applications for the Voices Team are currently closed. Typically, applications are open for two weeks at a time before closing. At that point, we will begin the process of contacting all applicants. All applications will receive an e-mail within a week of the end date.

How can I apply to join the Voices Team?

Applications for the VOICES Team are currently closed, but we hope to reopen them in 2020.

I still have questions! Who can I contact?

Send Kara an e-mail at kara@livetodaywellco.com and she’ll respond as soon as possible!