Ruah: Psalm 139

You are seen. You are known. You are loved.

We are fragile. We are vulnerable. We long to belong. Yet our human desires are only met when we realize who we belong to.

The Lord loves you beyond measure. He always has and He always will. Allow Psalm 139 to breathe this truth into your soul.

Ruah: Psalm One Hundred Thirty-Nine invites the individual into a deeper reading of this famous psalm on identity in Christ. After reading through the Psalm, meditate on each verse in more depth with specific reflection questions to help you contemplate the depths of God’s love for you. This book is small in size - 6"x6" - and is the first of the Ruah series.

Ruah comes from the Hebrew word for “breath” or “spirit.” The Ruah series will encourage you to do just breathe in, slowly and deeply, the Spirit of God. To learn more about the Ruah series and the formatting of each book, click HERE.

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