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The Ruah Series

[ROO - ah] noun
Hebrew word meaning breath or spirit

Day by day. Hour by hour. Even minute by minute. Every breath we take can be offered as prayer.

The Ruah series encourages everyday faithful to encounter well-known Scripture passages and prayers with deeper intentionality and mindfulness. It is in quiet, purposeful prayer that we come to know and be known more fully by God. 

May these books give you the opportunity to be still, to meditate, and to contemplate. May these books open your heart to new ways of understanding God’s deep abiding love for you. May these books encourage you to breathe in the Spirit.

God’s gift of ruah is yours.


How To Use Ruah

Each Ruah book is divided into five sections loosely inspired by the Catholic tradition of lectio divina:

REST: an opportunity to be still and silent before beginning your time in prayer

READ: a slow and intentional reading of the prayer or scripture

REMAIN: another reading of the prayer in which you’ll find added reflection questions to encourage you to encounter the prayer more deeply in conversation with God

RENEW: additional questions to further ponder new observations in your heart as you finish this prayerful experience

RECORD: a perpetual journal for you to write down any insights you’d like to remember. The perpetual journal can be used as often or as little as you choose during each reading

Released Books in the Ruah Series


Ruah: Psalm 139

On Your Identity in Christ


Ruah: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

On Embracing Your Season