Introducing She Speaks

Have you ever had to make a decision and hemmed and hawed over it for days even though you knew deep down inside what it was you needed to do?

Have you ever felt a quiet whisper in your heart speaking truth and goodness and encouraging you to share your gifts with others?

Have you ever given advice to a friend and thought immediately to yourself, “I need to practice what I preach!”

We firmly believe that every woman possesses a well of wisdom within her. When we quiet our hearts in the presence of God, we can begin to hear those gentle (or boisterous!) whispers offering us the guidance we need. The spirit of God…RUAH…is breathing in you and through you.

She Speaks is a conversation series that features 5 unique women answering 3 reflective questions about 1 meaningful theme related to the scripture verse behind our latest Ruah book.

The first round of She Speaks focused on the theme of identity in Christ. Five amazing women opened their hearts to us to share how they claim their identity as Christ’s beloved daughters and reflect on Psalm 139. You can read their wisdom by clicking on their names - Maria Abbe, Patty Breen, Katie Waldow, M.J. Kocovski, and Nyssa Bisko.

The second installment of She Speaks revolves around Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 and God’s providential love in each season of life. This time, five other women will be reflecting on their own unique seasons of life and sharing how God is moving during that season. Each of these women have shared their hearts and stories so honestly with us, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

We’ll be delving into their wisdom right here on the blog next week. You’ll be able to watch short video clips from each woman or read their encouraging words. For now, check out the video below and enjoy their sweet hellos!

Monday, October 22 - Claire Couche

Tuesday, October 23 - Leah Moler

Wednesday, October 24 - Carrie Khodanian

Thursday, October 25 - Elizabeth Foss

Friday, October 26 - Maddy Barr

Friends, their spirits are breathtaking and their words are incredible. Our hearts have been transformed through the process of preparing this She Speaks, and we pray yours will be too!

God’s gift of Ruah is yours.



Wait… What is the Ruah book Series?

The Ruah book series encourages the individual to come to more fully know and be more fully known by God through quiet and purposeful prayer. It is when we rest in God, when we sit in silence and stillness, when we unplug from to-do list and our smart phones…for even just a few minutes…that we can more authentically identify that gentle stirring in our hearts. We recognize God’s spirit, RUAH, flowing through us.

If you’d like to learn more about Ruah or purchase your own copy, click HERE.

She SpeaksKara Becker